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Lirael: A Second Assistant Librarian by thetoaster
Lirael: A Second Assistant Librarian
Here is a digital portrait I did of Lirael, as she appears partway through the book in her red second assistant librarian's waistcoat. This was done in Photoshop CS4 and took around 2 hours in total. I've been trying to get back into digital painting and this was good practice! 
A Portrait of Asami Sato by thetoaster
A Portrait of Asami Sato

So, this piece takes a bit of explaining. Bear with me! 

Republic City is heavily based upon cities from the beginning of the 20th century. In our world, this period was dominated by lavish and decorative art styles, and this is reflected in the architecture of Republic City. This inspiration includes my own favourite art movement, the Art Nouveau movement. Art Nouveau works are opulent and over the top, relying heavily on complex patterns and luxurious decoration.  

Continuing on from this theme, I wanted to paint Asami in this style, as an artist from the Avatar Universe might have depicted one of the most wealthy and influential women of Republic City. Obviously this piece is heavily derivative of Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer  (a painting was briefly the most expensive artwork ever sold, which seems kind of fitting.) 

The medium is a pencil sketch, which I then painted digitally. I think I spent about 5 hours on it in total. Please enjoy! 

Nightfall - Woodblock Print - Red Gradient by thetoaster
Nightfall - Woodblock Print - Red Gradient
This is one of a series of woodblock prints I have made, using an old woodblock carving. The originals from the series are available to buy here:…
Sabriel - Character Design by thetoaster
Sabriel - Character Design
This is an experiment in character design. It's Sabriel, from the Old Kingdom Trilogy (which is now a Tetralogy)! I used regular Photoshop brushes for the forground, McBadShoe's watercolour brushes to add texture to the background, and the map from the books for the background image. 

Here Sabriel is about 18, pictured as she appears in the first book. I'm planning on doing character art for all the main characters from the series at different ages, as I'd like to practise my design skills. 
Cottseloe by thetoaster
This is an old watercolour from a few years ago. I think I did it when I was about 16, but I can't be sure. 


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